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From The Desk Of…

Rick Nguyen

Re: You Online Breakthrough For 2021 & Beyond…

Dear Frustrated Marketer… Are You Struggling To Make Money Online In 2021?

Does it seem like that you have tried everything under the sun, bought up a lot of software & courses but nothing has given you the results you desired?

Well… I understand your pain because I also have been there.

Spending more money day by day buying all sorts of shiny programs & tools, trying to turn things around… Working like a robot trying to ‘crack the code’...

Before I know it, frustration begins to set in and my mind starts wandering to dark places…

I begin to think… I am helpless…

No matter how hard I worked, how much I spent, or what I tried… I am NEVER making any success.

In fact, I am losing everything…

  • Money
  • Hope
  • Confidence
  • Sanity
  • Peace

But I couldn’t give up…

I have a family to take care of and I need to pay bills.

Therefore, despite failing repetitively, I frantically purchased new software & tried different ways to make money online...

I tried everything out there:

  • Paid Ads...
  • Social Media...
  • Blogging…
  • SEO...
  • Making Videos...
  • eCommerce...

But things didn't work out...

And my bank account is draining very rapidly. But I Kept Striding Forward Because I Wanted To Leave My Intolerable Job! I despised my boss and my job. I was desperate to break free from my 9-5 hell hole.
If you are in the same position as me, I understand your desperation for success. And that was the fuel to my flame.

My resolution for success was unwavering, regardless of the price…


Though it was small but scalable. And I was able to scale it from just $150 to BILLIONS of dollars every year…

Yes, Billions with a big B.

And that leads me to live the life of my dreams

I was able to…

  • Quit my 9-5 job
  • Travel the world
  • Enjoy exotic vacations
  • Support my family financially
  • Buy a new house & car
  • Pay bills on time
  • Experience Financial Freedom
  • Acquire Peace of mind

And the good news is, Today, right on this page…

I Am About To Hand Over The Exact Same System That Has Helped Me Cash Big Online. This system has allowed me to go from being completely broke to living the laptop lifestyle.
Here’s the thing…

The Make Money Online Equation Boils Down To Two Things…

Traffic + Leads

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and the money is in the list.

If you have traffic & leads, you can sell them anything at the touch of the button and get paid.

But the real question is…

How Do You Get The Traffic & Leads You Need?

And that’s a serious question…

Because that’s likely where most of the marketers are struggling and that’s where probably you’re struggling right now?

Unfortunately though, getting traffic & building buyers list is the toughest part out there.

You have to do so many things…

  • Run Paid Ads
  • SEO
  • Writing Blogs
  • Creating Videos
  • Guest Posts
  • Hosting Webinars
  • Giveaways

But lucky for you, today with Quizzify, you are about to get a proven Traffic system that gets you automated viral traffic every second without any effort…

You are about to generate traffic like this…

And you can convert this traffic into this…

So no matter what your niche, product, offer, or service is, you can get real results!

It unlocks a hungry vault of tens of millions of visitors instantly just for you…

Imagine what you could do with just a fraction of that buyer's traffic...

Now, let me ask you a question...

Have you seen anything like this before?...

Of course, you have, they are everywhere on social media, search engines, or video streaming websites.

These small, bite-sized content is called quizzes and they are so effective in generating…

  • Higher Quality Leads
  • Viral Traffic Flood
  • Staggering Opt-Ins
  • Game-changing Conversions
  • Dream Profits

As a matter of fact…

  • Studies show 95% of the most shared Facebook posts are quizzes & polls!
  • The average quiz has a 79.2% opt-in rate!
  • The average quiz is shared nearly 2,000 times!

Why? Because they trigger engagement like nothing else!
They coerce people to participate, to complete the quiz… which in turn pulls them to opt-in and/or buy what you’re offering them!

No Wonder Top Marketers & Fortune 500 Companies – All Are Using Quizzes To Generate Targeted Traffic & HOT Buyers Leads Today…

So if you are not using them, you’re getting left behind!

 The Problem Here Is…

#1: Quizzes Are Expensive:

Quiz experts are charging an arm and a leg for their services. You don’t want to pay through the nose to quiz makers or experts now… Do you? Heck NO!

#2: Quiz Making Is Difficult:

Framing quiz/poll questions is tedious. And if your questions are not engaging enough then people will skip past them and you’ll end up wasting your time, energy, and money.

#3: It’s Complicated:

If you dive into your website code trying to figure out how to create & embed one of these interactive quizzes yourself - you could easily end up throwing the towel.

But Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You Covered With
A Secret Weapon…

This secret weapon will cut down all the BS and fast-track your success.

    That means now you don’t have to…

  • Pay hundreds of $$$ to experts
  • Juggle with technical know-how
  • Frame quiz questions
  • Wonder what’s working and what’s not
  • Fumble with complicated quiz creators

All your problems and struggles will disappear with this powerful system.

Now You Can…

  • Generate High-Converting Quizzes/Polls/Surveys At Just A Press Of Button
  • Access Free 100 DFY Campaigns In Hottest Niches To Get Started Right Away
  • Say Goodbye To Working From Scratch On Fabricating Quizzes For Your Audience
  • Instantly Open Floodgates To Millions Of Laser Targeted Viral Traffic Waiting To Buy From You
  • Fire Off Bespoke Offers To Visitors/Subscribers Based On Their Responses
  • Leverage The Potential Of Video Quizzes That Compels Your Visitors To Subscribe For Your Offers
  • Gain Insightful Analytics For Your Quizzes To Rapidly Boost Your Profits

But What’s More Important Is…
You Can Do It All In Just 3 Simple Steps…

Step #1


Log into Quizzify app today before the price increases - it takes less than 30 seconds

Step #2


Choose from 100 DFY campaigns & or you can build your own campaigns with your logo and branding in minutes.

Step #3


Receive an avalanche of free buyers traffic & hot leads pouring for you day in & day out like clockwork.

Yes, It Really Is That Easy!

Once you choose a campaign, customize it with your own branding & logo and your quizzes are ready to be shared by millions at the push of a button.

You can share them anywhere, on your website, email, or social media with a link or opt-in form and watch the magic unfold.

Not only people will buy from you or subscribe to your list, but they will share your quiz with their family & friends resulting in more traffic & leads.

Honestly, they are like wildfire, once you put them out, they will expand everywhere.

And it isn’t complicated… It’s downright easy, lazy & 100% effective!

You Don’t Have To Do Any Hard Stuff…

NO Paid Ads

NO Writing Blogs or Articles


NO Making Videos

NO Learning Curve

NO Extra Expenses

NO Content Creation

NO Manual Labor

NO Monthly Fees

NO Waiting

You’ll Get MORE Of Everything…












Peace Of Mind

All Bundled Into One Smooth Platform…


The Grand Daddy Of All Traffic & List Building Apps For 2021 & Beyond…

The Most Powerful & Advanced Quiz Builder App To Drive Traffic, Make Sales And Build Buyers List At The Same Time On Complete Autopilot!

  • Siphon Free Viral Traffic From Hot Sources In Just One Mouse Click
  • Create Leads-Pumping Quizzes, Polls & Surveys In Just A Few Minutes
  • Make Pro-Level Sales & Profits Without Doing Any Hard Stuff
  • Copy & Paste Your Way To Instant Profits With 100+ DFY Campaigns
  • Hook Your Audience & Compels Them To Buy With Captivating Video Quizzes
  • Establish Your Credibility In Marketplace By Adding Your Logos, Colors, Thumbnails & Watermark
  • Complete Dominate Your Niche & Marketplace Overnight
  • FREE Commercial License For A Limited Time Welcome Offer

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When It Comes To Succeeding Online…
Quizzify Ticks All The Boxes…

  • Creates & Shares Compelling Quizzes, Polls & Surveys In Just 1-Click
  • 100+ DFY Campaigns In Hottest Niches To get started right away
  • 1-Click autoresponder integration (Aweber, Mailchimp, Sendlane & Zapier)
  • 1-Click Video Quiz Builder With Player Customization For Better Monetization
  • 1-Click Quiz Sharing Via Social Media, Emails, or Embed On Any Website
  • 1-Click Quiz Customization With Your Own Logo, Watermark, Videos & Branding
  • Export Your Leads & Survey Responses In Just Minutes
  • Detailed Analytics To Evaluate Shortcomings & Improve Results
  • Quick Start Training Material To Get Started In No Time From Scratch
  • Free Commercial License To Multiply Your Income
  • One-time Fee – No Monthly Payments Ever

Watch How Normal People Like You Are
Transforming Their Lives With Quizzify…

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Quizzify Is Loaded With Ground-Breaking Technologies Packed Into ONE Easy To Use Dashboard!

Create Traffic & Leads Pulling Quizzes

Create ultra engaging quizzes/polls/surveys that compels people to buy & subscribe in minutes.

100+ High Converting DFY Campaigns

No need to work from scratch, pick a campaign from our DFY bundle, customize it to your liking and boost your results instantly.

Instantly Tap Into 2 Billion Free Buyers Traffic

In just one click, share your viral quiz or poll to anywhere – social media, websites, or even via email & drive targeted buyers for your offers or sign up for your lists.

Powerful Video Quiz Builder

Turn any videos into powerful video quizzes to explode your leads & traffic.

1-Click Autoresponder Integration

Integrate it with your favorite autoresponder (Aweber, Mailchimp, Sendlane & Zapier) to capture refined leads.

Add Your Own Branding

Personalize your quizzes with your own logo, watermarks, colors, thumbnails & branding to enhance credibility.

Detailed Analytics

Get detailed analytics for every quiz, poll & survey you share to know what’s working & what’s not.

Quick Start Training Material

Get started immediately with our training material & siphon lifetime supply of traffic & hot leads.

Works For All Niches

No matter what niche & market you are targeting, this is the proven system for complete & instant domination.

No Monthly Fee

Get instant access to Quizzify at just low, one-time payment - no monthly fees or hidden charges.

100% Cloud-Based

No need to download or install anything. Just log in to our cloud-based server from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Make Money While You Sleep

Experience the real laptop lifestyle and financial freedom by making money on complete autopilot.

People From All Around The World Are Getting
Crazy Results With Quizzify!

Brian F

( Small-Business Owner )

She Says: "Easy, User Friendly, and Powerful"

"There is something calm about Quizzify, I find the interface and their support is really great! It's simple to use, has a lot of hidden features I wish I knew about, they’re great!".

I like how easy it is to build and edit forms. Also, it is very customizable and integrate able with many other of our software like Zapier, Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp and Sendlane.

The UI/UX is so much better than a traditional survey.


COO (Chief Operating Officer)

He Says: "Quizify is an engaging way to collect feedback on ANYTHING"

"From start to finish, the presentation is top-notch and it makes creating and tracking forms incredibly easy. Building "if/then" style forms is also a breeze with Quizzify. With any product, I always consider how much value they share through their free tier. Quizzify is a standout winner even at the free level."

Their Done-For-You templates are amazing and you have to look no further to create any quiz, poll and survey from scratch.

Melissa M

( Head of Customer Success )

She Says: "Flexible survey tool with amazing UI"

"I love that Quizify allows you to create surveys to serve multiple use cases - from product feedback to onboarding customer forms. It has multiple integrations that allow a quick use of the ingested data"

Branding is so important and Quizify makes it easy to show your customers who you are - you can control the tone, colors, images, flow, etc. I love how simple it is to build and publish content with a variety of question types. Their templates also do a wonderful job of both sharing inspiration for other uses but also letting you customize it quickly.

Joel K

( Conversion Copywriter and CRO Consultant )

He Says: "Really helpful for conducting research and customer feedback - highly recommend"

Quizify makes forms more conversational - the product flows naturally and moves in a way that seems to encourage responses at a much higher rate than competitors. It also allows for a much higher level of customization around questions. You can build full logic and decision trees to ensure that you get to the root of what you're looking for, no matter which way the submitter goes.

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If you think you can get rich via paid traffic, then my friend you have never been so wrong.

The only people that make money via paid traffic are the platforms that are selling it.

With Quizzify you’ll never need to pay for traffic ever again.

Bid adieu to paid traffic & huge additional costs...switch to the fastest, most efficient & economical way to generate high-converting traffic & leads for your business

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are…
Quizzify Seamlessly Works For Everyone!


Experienced Marketers


Website Owners

Affiliate Marketers


Social Media Marketers

Ecommerce Store Owners

Authors & Publishers

List Builders

Product Creators


SEO professionals



No matter if you are a complete newbie or an experienced marketer,
Quizzify gives you a chance to make pro-level profits.

All you need to do is take a leap of faith & buy now!
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Quizzify Solve All Your Problems & Provides You Life-Changing Income In 60 Seconds Flat…

  Problem #1: You don’t know how to create interactive quizzes


With Quizzify, you don’t need to frame quiz questions or do anything from scratch. Just choose your favorite quizzes from our DFY 100+ niche campaigns, customize the design, drop in your form code or links, and instantly publish anywhere in seconds!

I have also included quick-start training material to help you get going in no time.

  Problem #2: You don’t know how to drive traffic


Well with Quizzify, all you have to do is publish your quiz on your website or social media and traffic will come pouring in automatically.

People will share your quiz or their results with their friends and drive you tons of free buyers without paying a huge sum for paid ads or writing blogs all day.

  Problem #3: You don’t know how to make money online


With Quizzify, you can directly promote your products or affiliate offers on quizzes/polls or you can indirectly promote products after capturing your visitors' leads via quizzes/polls.

Either way, you can make life-changing income online and that too on complete automation.

  Problem #4: You don’t have any capital


Quizzify allows you to generate traffic & leads via quizzes & polls. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on paid advertising or other expensive traffic tools that promise the world but never deliver.

Also, today you can get Quizzify at just a one-time low payment only. This makes it an extremely affordable & effective traffic solution for you.

  Problem #5: You are a complete newbie


With Quizzify, you don’t have to be an expert or authority in your niche. People love quizzes & interact with them no matter who posts them. While doing so, they will happily click on your links & share their email IDs for rewards or results.

That means you will generate results regardless of your experience & background.

There’s No Better & Easier Way To Get Free Traffic & Build Buyers List At The Same Time.

Would you rather pay thousands of dollars for a small trickle of traffic & spend your days & nights, slaving on your desktop writing blogs, designing infographics, sharing non-engaging posts after posts on social media…


You would like to create traffic-pumping, lead-generating, money-making quizzes in just minutes instead? With Quizzify you can tap into the tidal wave of 2 Billion+ free traffic, easy leads, sales & conversions at just a push of a button.

And To Sweeten The Pot… Just For Today, We Have Included…


By now you know how profitable Quizzify is for your business. It is the most powerful solution that solves two major problems faced by almost every online marketer – Traffic & Leads.

Think about it, just like you there are tons of marketers out there struggling to find their online breakthrough and now you can solve their problems while getting paid for it.

With our free commercial license, you can create & sell unlimited traffic-pulling quizzes / surveys / polls to unlimited clients & charge any amount you want. And you get to keep all the money to yourself only. This means that you can make bucketloads of money while helping struggling business owners in these tough times.

Hence there’s no reason for you to wait. Just get instant access to Quizzify & transform your Life Forever!

Get Ready To Experience…






Laptop Lifestyle

And everything else you’ve dreamed of...

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Want To Sell Quizzify Service and Websites To Your Clients Or Anything’s Else You Want? Want Another Proven Traffic Source Used By 99% Gurus? Want To STOP Wasting Of 100s Of Dollars On Monthly Autoresponder Fees? This Is Definitely What You Need.

We’re giving away this FREE Autoresponder Cloud App With In-Built SMTP For Quizzify’s customers. Unlimited Emails, Unlimited Subscribers, Free For Quizzify’s customers, In-Built SMTP

Bonus 2

Quizzify Hosting - Lifetime Hosting

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With this, you have fully customizable lifetime hosting for your business. You get Quizzify Hosting for free today, You won’t have to pay monthly for expensive recurring hosting any more.

Bonus 3

Quizzify Drive - Lifetime Cloud Drive To Host/Backup/Store Your Files and Videos

(WORTH $997)

No need to pay monthly fees for Google Drive and DropBox because you get a free cloud drive web-based app today. You can host/backup/store unlimited files using this ground-breaking Quizzify Drive App.

Bonus 4

Quizzify WEBSITE Builder - Lifetime WebBuilder To Create Unlimited Websites/Landing Pages In Any Niche

(WORTH $997)

No need to pay monthly fees for ClickFunnels And All These because you get a free funnel builder web-based app today. It is loaded with 200+ niche templates and also has a built-in drag and drop editor, which will help you easily create any type of websites/landing pages in minutes without any web design skill.

Bonus 5

Quizzify Soci Campaign Booster

(WORTH $997)

This gives you instant access to over 2 BILLION social media users allowing them to share your Quizzify campaigns to unlock it. Combine Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn to create a social media traffic generating powerhouse for your site... More Shares = More Traffic = More $$

Your New & Happier Lifestyle Starts Right Now!

Just imagine, living the life of your dreams, with a successful
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  • No More Anxiety…
  • No More Sleepless Nights...

This is your chance to finally emerge out as a winner.

Just activate it, sit back, and enjoy massive success.

Take Action On This Offer If You Want To…

  • Skyrocket your sales & profits by steering laser targeted traffic & leads for your business
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  • Add a proven & tested weapon in your arsenal that gets you a cut above the rest
  • Create the real- rags to riches story & leave all your competitors wondering what they are doing wrong
  • Live the life of your dreams & support your family

Imagine Waking Up To This Everyday…

Today’s Special Offer…

We’ve been working on Quizzify for over a year now and have spent thousands of dollars on its testing and development. And keeping in mind the results it provides, we could easily charge $97 a month Or over $1,000 annually and it would still be a fair deal.

But we understand how people are struggling financially in this pandemic time and they need a solution like this for their business.

That’s why we have decided to offer it at a much steeper discount to our few lucky Earlybird customers. Yes, You won’t pay us $197/month…Not $97/month… Not $47/month…Or Even $27/Month. Heck, you won’t even pay us any monthly fee!

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The Catch?

This special discounted price will be available only for our few Earlybird users.

If you wait a little longer or decide to come back later, it might not be around. And if it's disappeared already, unfortunately, you are too late and there’s nothing we can do for you.

But if you are still seeing it, we suggest you grab it now before you missed out for good. All you have to do is click the buy button below right now to secure your discount...

Your Investment is Completely Risk-Free With Our
30 Days Money Back Guarantee…

Here’s the deal…

Try Quizzify for the next 30 days. Use it for your business and if you don’t feel like it delivers what it claims & worth at least 5X its price tag, let us know within 30 days of your purchase…

...and we’ll happily refund your entire amount. This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before… And that’s why we’re super confident in making this crazy guarantee.

There’s no way for you to lose here…

If you don’t like Quizzify, you get all your money back and your life goes back to normal.

So Right Now You’ve Got 2 Options…

Option #1: Skip This Offer

Do nothing. Leave this page, and continue what you're already doing. That's fine with us.

We'll still be making profits with Quizzify whether you buy it or not.

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Buying useless products, working late nights, and feeling hopeless. There’s no point in putting yourself in this misery.

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I’d hate for you to take the long, trial and error route.

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Rick Nguyen


  • What devices does Quizzify work on?
    Quizzify is a web-based app, so it works on any device that has access to the internet. So you could use it even on your mobile phone! Pretty cool, right?
  • Are there any additional costs or monthly fees involved?
    Nope! None… All you need is a device to log into your Quizzify account and an internet connection and you’ll be ready to generate targeted traffic & leads for your business. There are no monthly fees or hidden charges.
  • How long does it take to generate traffic & leads?
    It varies from person to person & business to business but usually around 24-48 hours. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can start getting results.
  • I’m sold. How do I get started?
    Click the button below right now to get a copy of Quizzify at a low, one-time investment…
  • Do you provide any training & support?
    Yes, you will get step-by-step training tutorials in the member area, and even after that, if you face any issues, you can contact our support desk for help.

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